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Ethical Management

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Direction of Ethical Management

We, the Seo-gu Facilities Management Corporation of Incheon Metropolitan City, believe 'Business Ethics' is the number one priority in the course of management and business activities, therefore, pursue transparent, fair and rational business practices.

Necessity and Subjects of Ethical Management

CEO's Will on Ethical management

  • With the strong belief in ethical management, the CEO will do her best to support ethical management practices of executives and staff.
  • Founded on the philosophy of new management based on business ethics, the CEO will put her strong ideas into action emphasizing that the most ethical action is the strongest action and that ethical management is in step with global competitiveness.
  • Acknowledging that ethical management is the essential factor of business survival, the CEO will concentrate efforts to cultivate an exclusive core personnel for ethical management.
  • Suggesting 7 conditions for the settlement of ethical management of the public enterprise, the CEO will implement management transparency.

CEO's Implementation on Ethical management

  • Hold an integrity oath resolution conference and draw up a written integrity oath
  • Operate a clean report and corruption report center
  • Train executives and staff to raise integrity consciousness
  • Perform corporate self-regulation audits and report the results
  • Educate exclusive staff in charge of the contract on integrity
  • Train to abide by the code of conduct for maintaining corporate integrity
  • Read out the ethic charter and abide by it

The Text of the Ethics Charter of Seo-gu Facilities Management Corporation of Incheon Metropolitan City

We, the Seo-gu Facilities Management Corporation of Incheon Metropolitan City as a public institution performing a social role and fulfilling corporate responsibility of having high ethical value, will maintain and develop the honor. For this, we will do our best to fulfill the responsibility and obligation to gain customer trust by implementing ethical management and preserving the law-abiding spirit.

  • We maintain our pride in abiding by the regulations in an honest and sincere way by performing our tasks in a fair and transparent manner.
  • We guarantee equal opportunity to everybody bidding on contracts and enter into a contract following the free competition principle and abide by it.
  • We treat everyone of the executives and staff with dignity and provide equal
    opportunity based on ability and qualification and evaluate each person fairly.
  • We strongly support the executives and staff's participation in social activities through
    rational and responsible management and endeavor for the cultural and economic
    development of the local community.

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